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Apply for Cash Assistance

You can apply for or renew your cash assistance benefits online by using COMPASS. The COMPASS website is the online DHS tool where you can apply for and

Applying for Food, Cash and Medical Assistance

Family Assistance (FA) provides cash assistance to eligible needy families As a further condition of FA eligibility each person who applies for or is

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You can apply online at You can fill out a Request for Cash, Food and Medical Assistance (JFS 7200) form and submit it to your county

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Cash Assistance

Apply Online. Use the Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) to apply for SNAP, cash or medical assistance - online, anytime. Please refer to

Cash, SNAP (Food Stamps) Medical Assistance

Cash Assistance. How do I apply for CalWORKs? Where can I use my EBT card? Do I qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security

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Temporary Cash Assistance

Apply online: Go to to file your application. Apply at your Local Department of Social Services in person. You may also"

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